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Anti-Terrorism Litigation

FBR’s partners are leading advocates on behalf of victims of terrorism.  Their efforts in trial and appellate courts have led to the recovery of billions of dollars by the victims of attacks perpetrated by terrorist states and designated terrorist organizations. 

Representative Cases:

  • In Peterson v. Iran, the firm’s partners led the successful efforts of the victims of the 1983 Beirut Marine Barracks bombing to recover nearly $1.9 billion of Iranian assets secretly held at a New York financial institution. FBR’s clients are the first victims of a terrorist attack to succeed in recovering assets held in the name of the central bank of a state sponsor of terrorism.  FBR’s partners successfully briefed and argued the appeal from the Marine Barracks ruling in the Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit and helped to defend that ruling in the United States Supreme Court.
  • In Linde v. Arab Bank, FBR’s lawyers were part of a trial team that secured the first jury verdict ever against a financial institution for providing material support to a terrorist organization. The Arab Bank case then produced a landmark settlement on behalf of Americans killed and injured in terrorist attacks in Israel.  FBR’s lawyers and their co-counsel were named 2016 “Trial Lawyers of the Year” by Public Justice for their work on the Arab Bank matter. The award “recognizes the work of an attorney or team of attorneys working on behalf of individuals and groups that have suffered injustice and harmful abuse.”
  • The firm’s partners continue to serve as counsel for hundreds of plaintiffs who are pursuing recoveries against banking institutions that served as the financial intermediaries for supposed charities that funneled funds to terrorist organizations. Those cases have produced a number of significant trial court opinions as well as a landmark victory for the plaintiffs in the Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit.