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About Fleischman Bonner & Rocco

Fleischman Bonner & Rocco LLP (“FBR” or the “Firm”) was formed by longstanding colleagues with a history of producing outstanding results for their clients in high-stakes, complex litigation. Drawing on their decades of courtroom experience, FBR’s founding partners have built a culture that emphasizes efficiency, accountability, and adaptability. The Firm’s lawyers have consistently demonstrated the legal acumen, creativity, and flexibility to litigate complex cases successfully by employing an efficient, focused team approach.

Each of FBR’s founding partners has more than 25 years of experience representing clients in complex litigations and arbitrations, including numerous high-profile criminal and civil matters. The Firm’s partners have tried cases through verdict across the country and have successfully argued numerous appeals. FBR’s three founding partners have led litigations that have secured billions of dollars in recoveries for their clients. The Firm also enjoys an outstanding reputation in the legal community for our sophisticated work product, creative strategies and commitment to pursuing clients’ objectives.

All of the Firm’s founding partners have consistently been named New York Super Lawyers, an accolade reserved for the top 5% of New York attorneys. Prior to forming FBR, the Firm’s founding partners worked at some of the nation’s elite litigation firms, and two partners were acclaimed federal prosecutors. We employ our lawyers’ substantial experience to provide our clients with the highest quality representation in disputes involving a broad array of topics, including securities litigation, merger and acquisition disputes, investment and accounting fraud, labor and employment matters, and the rights of the victims of terrorism.

Why Clients Choose FBR

Our clients face complex legal problems, frequently in high-stakes situations. They retain us because we employ our lawyers’ considerable trial and litigation experience to provide big-firm solutions at a fraction of the big-firm expense. Working cohesively with our clients, we conduct efficient pre-filing investigations and informal and formal discovery to enable us to develop comprehensive, winning litigation strategies that advance our clients’ goals while preserving their resources. We know that success lies in mastery of the details. As such, we fully immerse ourselves in our clients’ businesses and the nuances of their disputes.

The success of our approach is not only reflected in our results, but in the caliber of professional talent we attract. FBR’s lawyers include former prosecutors, experienced litigators and trial lawyers, attorneys who have practiced at some of the nation’s largest firms, and graduates of elite law schools. We conduct our litigations in small, efficient teams to harness the particular talents necessary to achieve each client’s litigation objectives.

Our Clients

Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, private equity firms, hedge funds, large and small private businesses, and individuals. We counsel both defendants and plaintiffs faced with difficult litigation concerning a variety of subject matters. The breadth and depth of our experience, combined with our track record, have allowed us to attract a sophisticated client roster ordinarily enjoyed only by much larger law firms.

Our Commitment to You

The same partner you initially consult to discuss your legal issue will shepherd you through each stage of your matter, from initial counseling through trial and appeal. That partner will be responsible for every aspect of your litigation and will be available during and after business hours to counsel you. We will devote great care to your dispute because we share your interests and have built our reputations through our commitment to serving our clients’ needs.